We strongly believe that our clients are best served by a comprehensive assessment and an indepth explanation about what is going on with their complaint. We find this allows you to better understand your condition and help take positive steps to address it. As such we allow forty minutes for your first appointment and where possible you will leave with a clear understanding of both your complaint and what the plan is to address it. This concept is proven to provide results more quickly and get you back performing at your prime sooner * - whether that be elite level sport, your job or back in the garden.


AcupunctureStandard Treatment (Non-ACC)

Initial 40 minute appointment - $55
Follow-up appointment - $50

Treatment Covered by ACC

Initial 40 minute appointment - $25
Follow-up appointment - $20

Note/ These charges are base charges, there may be additional charges for consumable items such as strapping tape, tubigrip, acupuncture needles etc.

Performance Lab

As well as our standard physiotherapy services, we bring our expertise with elite athletes and make it available to all of our clients. This means we can offer a number of high level analyses to our clients, providing information that was previously only available to our sporting elite. Taking the musculoskeltal screen used by the New Zealand Academy of Sport as a starting point, we have used the latest sports medicine research to add to it and develop a leading edge screening service that we have trialled successfully with the Waiariki Academy of Sport athletes. We can then combine these screens with video analysis to fully dismantle your technique and help identify potential and actual causes of injury or poor performance.

When you book in for a screen, you will need to allow 40 minutes (one hour for Bike-Fit, Running Analysis or Golf Swing-Lab). You will need to bring a pair of shorts (and sports bra or similar for females) as well as the clothes and shoes you exercise in and your bike or golf clubs where appropriate. After your screen, you will receive your detailed screen by email within 5 working days. How you proceed from here is up to you, we are happy for you (and indeed encourage you) to take this information and go back to your coach or current physiotherapist to address any issues that we have highlighted, or we can book you in for follow up sessions to work through it with you.

Specialty Services
Musculoskeletal screens - $225
Bike-Fit & screen - $250
Running-Analysis & screen - $250

Discounts & Cash for Clubs

We support a number of local clubs by offering a discount on all of our standard physiotherapy services to club members as well as students and holders of SuperGold cards. In addition, we offer the Cash for Clubs scheme to local clubs where in addition to offering discount to club members, we donate money to their club for each new injury we see.

For more information about Cash for Clubs [Click Here].

For a list of clubs on the Cash for Clubs scheme [Click Here].

For an application form to join up your club with Cash for Clubs [click here].